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Four of Wands Productions

Founded by Colette Brown and Tevin Sahota after collaborating on the short film '4 Queens’, Four Of Wands Productions (FOW) is about nurturing and calling in voices of creativity and producing pieces of work that tell stories of our imperfectly perfect world.

BLACK & BLUE (2021)
Performed by Francisco Serrano
Directed by Colette Brown

Black & Blue is an original score and movement piece. Set against an azure backdrop illuminating a shadowed intimacy of passion, struggle and hope. Passion for this life, struggle in the everyday and hope for what is to come.

I was excited to be contacted by Archie Jennings and Colette Brown to work with them on a piece for Black and Blue.  This was my first opportunity to collaborate with another composer and I was proud to contribute creatively to celebrating Black History Month.

It was amazing to see our music visualised by Sean and Francisco and captured so beautifully by everyone involved in the videography.

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