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Valerie Graniou-Cook

Valerie Graniou-Cook is an intuitive artist and painter who uses bright colors and metaphorical imagery to open a window to a world where emotion and spirit come to life. She creates spiritual art that is joyful and uplifting.



"Let go of inner turmoil and find peace and grace within. The twirls of colors and energy have to be untangled before reaching the core where spirit can be felt. We can all connect within and find the guidance that will calm the river of emotions and bring  life into balance. All is within reach." 

Earth Angel

"With roots firmly planted in the earth "Earth Angel" stretches toward the heaven lifted by the swirling winds which represent fluidity and inspiration. To create a bridge from Earth to Spirit, gently let yourself be inspired by the soft breeze to grow your inner world."

Ruby Tree Spirit

"As above, so below. Life is but a reflection of our inner world."

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